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Everyday I get a chance to work with some of my favorite people…people living with Alzheimer’s Disease. They are so un-inhibited and in a world of people that are usually pretty inhibited, its refreshing to be around them.

Today as I was doing some paperwork, a lady about 20 feet from me was very agitated and kept hollering, “come on gang, let’s go.” She was repeating this about every 5 seconds…agitating many of the other residents around her. She has a reputation for being rather mean and this was one of those days that if you approached her, you would probably get punched…or bitten. I had this thought that maybe if I gave her something to do, she would calm down. So I gently approached her and asked her (in my sweetest, smiliest voice) if she could help me with something. Instantly, her mind switched patterns. It was amazing to see. It was like she had been stuck. She sweetly smiled at me and said, “I’d love to…but I can’t. I’m from Baton Rouge.”

So, a little against her will, I wheeled her up to my desk. I grabbed a handful of straws from nearby and asked her (in my desperate voice) if she could please count them for me. She grinned and said, “Sure!”

“33 straws!” she exclaimed a few minutes later. She proceeded to sort mail for me then she organized ‘Now-n-Laters’ by color. She was so proud. I wish you could have seen her smiling.

Normally in this type of situation, the doctor would be called and the resident would be given some medicine to help them calm down. Cool to see that maybe all they need sometimes is a little help getting their mind going in a different direction. She needed someone to change her focus. Kind of like my daughter. Kind of like me.

As I walked away about 30 minutes later she was still grinning…and falling asleep off and on in her chair. No signs of the previous agitation.

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Isn’t dancing the greatest thing? So freeing… 🙂 I danced most of my childhood – just the usuals: tap, ballet, jazz, etc. I never was really that good but I loved it anyway. The most amazing dance experience I ever had was at this christian dance convention about 5 years ago. Late at night, when classes were over, the instructors put on worship music really loud. This was when “I can only imagine” was super popular. Anyway, in this gigantic room, hundreds of dancers just free-danced before the Lord…for hours. It was amazing. An entire room of people dancing all over the place. Everybody in their own rhythm and style. No one was even really looking at each other. I’ll never forget it. There were so many dancers – we were bumping into each other. I’d like to think we put on a performance for heaven that night. I stumbled on this quote today and thought it was worth sharing:

Life’s not about waiting for the storm to pass…it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

I wonder how many of the dancers that night were going through storms – and got free that night…

probably most of us.

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18-Wheelers & Bobos

You ever ride behind one of those 18-wheelers carrying logs? And as you ride, you watch those logs bouncing around and you think…I better get out of the way cause I know at any minute one of those logs is gonna come barreling through my front windshield? You know the trucks I’m talking about? Well, yesterday I saw it. One of those 18 wheelers (with the logs) overturned with the logs spilled out everywhere. So it does happen. Sort of anyway.


Also in yesterday’s news: my baby got her first scraped knee. She didn’t even really notice but I thought it was picture-worthy. She was just toddling around on the driveway and fell to her hands and knees. After she was up again I noticed that her knee had its first scrape :). Growing up all too fast.



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Practice makes perfect…so be careful what you practice.

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Sorry for the delay in posting…my family and I have been coughing our little pink lungs up… 🙂 (not the best sound, by the way, to hear all night long on the baby monitor)

On another note, I feel so privileged that the book, Chazown, by Craig Groeschel has come my way. Lately I have felt like I wasn’t sure where I was going with my life…I wasn’t sure if I was finding my niche anywhere. (and I keep getting older…) This book, written with such passion, has re-awakened the dreamer in me. Life, your life, was created with a purpose in mind. You weren’t meant just to “make it through the day”. If you ever feel like a hamster running on a little wheel…thinking that there’s got to be more than this, then check out this book. You will be so glad you did.


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