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You know how you have those few special things that you enjoy doing in private…those things you don’t particularly anticipate sharing with anyone…like maybe going to the bathroom, for example? Well – let me warn any not-yet-parents that may read this blog: nothing, and I mean nothing – is private once you have babies. You will be amazed at the extent you will go to just to hide things from your sweet lil ones. Today, for example, I was hiding in my bathroom eating a handful of m&m’s. (I don’t think I have ever eaten m&ms in the bathroom before now. Its come to this.) Anway…I had no sooner gotten them in my mouth when the door slung open with violent force and there was Brie looking at me in shocking disbelief. Her own mother! Of course I quickly gave her a handful and all was well. This sharing-everything concept has leaked over into my frappucinos as well. Immediately when I pull out from the drive-thru she starts with the “Peese, mommy…peese, mommy…peeeeeese, mommy.” Did I mention she also does the sign language for “please” at the same time? It’s really, really pathetic. And what do I do? I think the picture speaks for itself. Nothing, nothing will ever be mine again 🙂 Well…I take that back. She will be mine. And that is worth more than all the lost frappucinos in the world.


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What in the world…I am so lost today. Thank the Lord it is Friday.

Yesterday I paid $400 for a mouth guard. It’s to prevent me from grinding my teeth…or from grinding them any further, I should say. That’s alot of dough for something that’s not all that cool. I have put this off for years but when a piece of one of my front-center teeth broke off earlier this year – I decided I couldn’t put it off any longer. Anyway…I woke up this morning and the thing wasn’t in my mouth anymore. Brad and I looked everywhere. Lost. That is enough to drive you crazy…when you know it’s there but you can’t find it.

Then I couldn’t find the remote. I looked everywhere. Finally, in exasperation, I said to my daughter, “Brie, where is the remote?” She quickly answered, “Mote, Mote!” I then followed her into my bathroom where she showed me the remote inside my gym bag.

I was starting to feel like I was in the twilight zone…

When you have a 17-month-old and things go missing…they could turn up ANYWHERE. That includes toilets, trash cans, bath tubs, tupperware cabinets, you get the idea…

Anyway, half an hour later – I paid for my drink at Starbucks and drove off without getting my change. Its was only about 60 cents – but still. What in the world?

I do not have my brain with me today.

I think I will avoid making any major decisions. I guess that includes online shopping, too.

ps- I finally found the darn mouth guard. It was at the foot of the bed twisted up in the down comforter that we don’t use. Who knows.

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There are several blogs that I read that I haven’t ever commented on…Tori, Kristin, Natalie, Colleen…and plenty more…

Anyway, I’m just feeling closer to God after reading your blogs this morning. You might not even mean to do it – but just by being you, I can sense and feel God coming right through your blogs 🙂 I don’t mean that in the lighthearted, smiley kind of way. I mean it in the deep, bring you to your knees, tears kind of way.

Thank you.

Thanks for being so sold out, so captivated, so in love with the Father. You are inspiring and encouraging and you are touching more lives than you realize.

I’m thankful to know all of you.

Keep on keepin on.

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6 Years

There are some things that are good to forget…like that awful haircut you had in 7th grade. There are others, though, that we should never forget.

This morning in my car, I listened to a replay from the Fox newsroom on the morning of September 11th 6 years ago. It was bone-chilling. I thought I hadn’t forgotten…but to listen again to the screams, the reactions…I was speechless. I was on the edge of my seat as I anticipated each new occurrence – since I knew this time what was coming next. It was like knowing you are about to get a shot at the doctor’s office. The first tower struck, then the second, then the Pentagon, Flight 93, the fall of one tower, the fall of the other…speeches from our president, mayors, governors, defense authorities…firefighters, policeman, doctors, nurses…people jumping from the buidings, debris for miles, the wall of pictures…prayer meetings, blood donations, Red Cross…

I guess in some ways – its good to move on from tough things. This morning, though, as I listened again-for the first time in 6 years-I felt that huge rise of nationalism like I had felt that day. That American pride…wanting to hug your neighbor…kick the bad guys sort of thing. It was a good feeling that day. You could look in the eyes of anyone around and all of a sudden there were no lines separating us. We were all in this together.

Tons of money was given, blood donated, prayers prayed, lives sacrificed…

Amazing what gets accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit.

Now that’s what I need to remember. Forget about “my credit” and see the needs around me. Like we all did that day six years ago.

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Not the restaurant…the website.

http://www.kiva.org has got to be one of the coolest websites ever. It was started by a newly married, young American couple who recently spent time living in eastern Africa. Kiva is basically a lending organization that’s set up to connect the wealthy (that’s us by the way) with the poor…one-on-one. When you go to the site, you will see the stories of about 30 people. Real people from all over the world living in desperate situations. All of these individuals have a business idea that they are pursuing to help “break the cycle” of poverty in their lives and in their children’s lives.

For example, meet Bertha. She’s the mother of five children and owner of a grocery store in Bolivia. She’s looking for $1200 to expand her grocery store to include a photocopy center and a bookstore. Owning the grocery store only allows for her to pay the bills. The added income would help her get ahead.

Now, Kiva isn’t actually looking for the whole $1200 from one person. They only allow lenders to give $25 to any one person…because SO MANY PEOPLE ARE WANTING TO LEND. How cool is that?

The money really is a loan, by the way, – interest-free, with a repayment date given to you. Of the $10,000,000 that has gone through kiva’s hands, over 98% has been repaid. They very carefully screen the individuals seeking money. Also, once you loan money to a person, you start receiving a journal of how their new business venture is going. You become a partner in their success.

What a cool idea.

Kind of reminds me of the scripture in Acts 2 talking about the disciples…”selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need.”

check it out: www.kiva.org

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Brie is fascinated with the potty. Whenever she sees one, she instantly is pointing and saying “potty, potty, tee tee, potty, potty” …you get the idea. She loves to flush. She loves the toilet paper. She just loves the whole darn experience. That’s not to say that she has actually ever used the potty. Actually she freaks out when you sit her on the toilet.

Classic Pooh™ Potty System

So yesterday Brad and I bought a Winnie the Pooh potty… or you can just call it the Pooh Potty (pun intended). Brie loves Winnie the Pooh. We thought that she’d want to sit on it since it was her size. We were wrong. With a little coaxing from some M&Ms, though, we were able to get her to sit there for a few minutes while we ran some bath water for her. Nothing happened…on the potty that is. As soon as she stood up, though, she peed on the floor.

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