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Until recently, it had been probably over 15 years (maybe 20) since I colored. Thanks to my daughter, that has all changed now. Good old-fashioned coloring…paper, crayons…nothing else. I had completely forgotten how calming and captivating it can be. A white sheet of paper full of countless possibilities. Sometimes it’s the littlest things, you know? We’re so busy…running 90 to nothing all the time. We “don’t have time” for the simplest pleasures…like coloring (or reading a good book, or drinking a cherry coke :). The first time I did it – I did it more to please her than for me. However, I quickly found myself concentrating on what I was doing…and the fun I was having…and forgetting whatever 100 things I had been thinking about. Children are so special. They always make having fun a priority. Even the sweet, simple, innocent, imaginative fun of coloring. Thank God for babies. If not for them, we might forget to take a minute to slow down…which means we’d miss all those incredible views along the way (like the one in this little snapshot). Sure does make life a little sweeter when you’re taking a minute now and then to smell the roses (or color with your daughter).

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I know you’re “supposed” to wait awhile before you tell anyone…but I simply can not! Brad and I have been blessed again and will be welcoming our 2nd baby in June of next year! We are so thrilled. I can’t even sleep…which is why I’m writing this post at 5 something in the morning. God is so good. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lord. You are so good to me….I couldn’t ask for more.

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For anyone, like me, who has ever tried to do enough good to ‘earn’ God…

If you ever try to do two things right for every one thing wrong – only to continually face the fact that you can never do enough…for it really is by grace alone, isn’t it?  One step forward, two steps back. We just fail again, and again, and again. Still we try to make it right, don’t we? Sometimes I think it’s easier to try to just do more good than to accept forgiveness and grace and mercy. We try to make God so two-dimensional…when we so quickly forget that He is so much more than that. So much more. Check out these awesome, eye-opening lyrics from Brooke Fraser…

“I won’t find what I am looking for – If I only see by keeping score…

cause I know now you are so much more than arithmetic.

If I add, if I subtract…

If I give it all, try to take some back,

I’ve forgotten the freedom that comes from the fact –

that you are the sum.

You are the one I want.”

Thanks, Brooke, for reminding me that He is so much more than arithmetic.

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Tide-to-go has got to be “one of the best things on the whole dang planet”. Seriously, its like white-out for your clothes. Actually, more like a little eraser. You drop a little sandwich…a little coke…just pull out your handy “tide-to-go” and POOF! Your clothes are clean again. Fools everyone into thinking that you’re always neat. What a tricky little confidence booster! I love this little stick. I haven’t encountered a stain yet that it wasn’t able to wipe out. Great things come in this small package. What a clever invention.

Can’t get enough of tide-to-go? Click here for real-life stories of how tide-to-go has saved the day. Okay…that’s a little too far…


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