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Am I dreaming? Please tell me I’m not. The good things happening around the Duplechain house have been so great that it warranted this mid-week post. First and foremost…in potty news…we are accident-free for almost 48 hours now. Praise the Lord! This has not been the easiest thing to accomplish. Huge thanks to Christina Smith for her advice and wisdom. It definitely paid off. Also – the almost 24 hours/day nausea that I have been having for awhile now has been soooo much better today and yesterday. I’m still hungry ALL the time…but that’s kind of fun. As long as the nausea is subsided, I can deal with the hunger. And finally, with a little tough love, my daughter ate broccoli and spinach for dinner tonight. There is victory in our camp!! So great when the sun is shining down on you 🙂

PS – the pic is our little pottyer at fall fest last Sunday. She’s pottying (in the back of our car), wearing cool light-up jewelry, and eating cotton candy at the same time. My girl can multi-task.

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Potty 101

Well we have officially begun full-on potty-training at our house. This event involves more than just the potty…there are m&ms, stickers, charts on the bathroom wall, elmo panties, an elmo potty video, and a pottying coloring book. Am I totally a first-time mom or what? Last night, I quickly read this book – “Potty-Training in 3 Days”. I read it not so much because I wanted this to be over in 3 days (although that is appealing), but more because I just wanted some tips – since this is the first child I have ever potty-trained.

How’s she doing? Great, I think. We’re about 50% on the potty…with about 50% in the bathroom but missing the actual potty. She just can’t hold it long enough to pull down the panties, sit down, etc. She’s getting there. For now, though, sometimes she just runs in the bathroom, stands by the potty, and goes. Right on the floor. At least she’s in the right room, right?

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