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Got Names?

I’m breaking new ground.

I have a question for you. I have never asked you a question before because then I knew it would be painfully obvious how few of “you” there actually are. The truth would be clear that I am mostly typing just to myself.

But, there comes a time. We must face our fears and test the waters.

So, my question is…

What’re your favorite baby names? I’m in the name-choosing business right now and I’m interested to hear what names people like. Naming a child is a huge job. I have found that you might think you have your names picked out for years – then when its actually time to put the pedal to the metal…its a little intimidating.

You don’t want to choose the wrong name…then the kid has to live with it forever.

So…what you got?

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Blue or Pink

Just three more weeks till we find out if we’ll be going blue or pink. Jan 14th. I can hardly wait. Most of my family thinks its a girl…most of Brad’s family thinks its a boy.Β 
Β All I can say is I hope the next three weeks pass quickly πŸ™‚
ps- how cute is this double stroller? they also make them where both sides say sister or both sides say brother. so cute.

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A little Xbox family fun. My man is talented πŸ™‚ Check out that serious game-look on his face. He didn’t miss a beat.

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Where does the time go? I don’t mean to let 2 weeks go by between posts…but you know, it happens. Not to mention – I feel like I need to be insightful or funny every time I post and…well…I don’t always feel insightful or funny. Like today, for example, I’m just kinda “here” today. Not the best day for blogging.

Anyway…I had a great time in New York! Wasn’t too bad being away from the baby. Seriously…the city is soooo big. I got chills just looking at the skyline from the airplane. Oh that reminds me – my airplane neighbor was rotten on the way to NYC. Some creepy/flirty old guy who would not leave me alone (for 3 hours). And he tapped my leg the entire time he talked to me. He totally could have been a Seinfeld character.

Back to NYC – the shopping was amazing (for my closet, not my checkbook), the Lion King and the Rockettes were unforgettable…

and – just seeing all those sights that you’ve seen on tv your whole life…it was just awesome. Central Park was gorgeous. By the way – we saw a celebrity in Central Park…we just don’t know which celebrity. Forgive me – I’m not a celebrity expert. Our latest guess is either Jon Voight or Christopher Walken. I guess we’ll never know.

The best part of the trip, though, was the people. Not the New Yorkers…no, they were rather unfriendly. The best was the people in Baton Rouge (Brad) who let me go and took care of everything at home. And – the pastors we stayed with in Queens. They opened their home and cooked for us and were just wonderful. She is from Trinidad and he’s from the states. They have lived all over the world and it was just super cool to be around them. AND…of course, my sister and her friend, Mary. My sister is just amazing and I had a great time with her. And this was Mary’s first trip to the states – so that was awesome in itself.

Great people. Great trip. Great memories.

Looking forward to a great Christmas.

ps – The pic is me, Mary, and Kristen dancing on the piano at FAO Schwarz. Yes…we played ‘Heart and Soul’ like Tom Hanks from Big. I know, I know…I just had to do it. I will post all the pics…but I need Brad’s help. Give me a day or so and I’ll have them all up.

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Well tomorrow will be a very interesting day. I am heading to New York City for the first time! I have wanted to go there for as long as I can remember…so I am super-excited…on one hand. On the other, though, I’m leaving my babies (one for the first time). So that will be kinda tough. I’m hoping to take advantage of the time away, though. Especially since we have a new baby coming in June…this is a fun little getaway before I’m super tied-down again. I’m going with my sister and her friend from Africa, Mary. Tomorrow, Mary will land in the USA for the first time. How cool is that?

We are staying for 3 days…and planning to see Lion King, the Rockettes…and do our fair share of shopping πŸ™‚

My wonderful hubby will be holding down the fort and taking care of lil bit.

Have a great day…and love on my baby if you see her πŸ™‚Β 

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Well…I must admit…there is a reason my blogging has slowed down. It’s not an honorable reason. The reason is…they moved my office at work. I used to be in this quiet corner with an office all to myself. Once a week, I could shut my door, quiet my surroundings and write a few thoughts to you, my friends. Well – not only did I get moved to a not-so-quiet spot, but – they moved me into the work room. Yeah, you know, the room with the copier, fax machine, etc. Lovely. And, my computer screen now faces the door and the oh-so-frequent passers-by. So – no more blogging from work…since that’s not exactly what they pay me for (and there’s obviously no more sneaking). Go figure.

The other thing I wanted to write today…is just that I have the most amazing husband in the entire world. His love is constant…and coming from this crazy, womanly, emotional world that I live in – constant things are very important and impressive to me. He always loves us and always acts like he loves us. I know he’s not perfect but seriously, he is so constant and that is the best thing. Also – Brad is the greatest daddy. He knows when to play, when to discipline, and he’s just so great with Brie. She adores him. He’s a great girl-dad. I knew he would be before we ever had kids. It takes some special things to be a great girl-dad. You know…a little extra tenderness, a little extra excitement about their new shoes, and a little extra compassion for their emotional mood swings (yes – even at 19 months old). He’s the kind of dad every girl dreams of. Ok – so come to think of it, Brad is just great with me and Brie. He just gets us (and still loves us)….and he believes in us. And isn’t is so great to be understood and loved and believed in? We could never thank him enough. He is so selfless, so loving, and gives us so much security. He is definitely the backbone of our home and we are super grateful God picked us to have him as our guy.

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