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Yesterday we went to Portrait Innovations in attempt to get some pics of Brie…since she’s newly 2…and also to snap a few shots of our family of 3 before we are a family of 4. It is not easy getting Brie to be still and smile – in the direction of the camera, that is – but here’s a sample of what we captured.

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The Nursery

Ok so I guess this has just totally become a baby blog…sorry I think that must be what happens when the birth of a baby is near 🙂

Here are some pics of our almost-finished nursery:

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I can’t believe its been 2 years. I don’t even know how to put it into words…she is just the most wonderful, most amazing little girl. And I am, unapologetically, completely in love with her. She’s full of life, smart but still innocent, all-trusting, pure. I’m so glad I get to be her mom.

Thanks to everyone who made her 2nd birthday so great. You are the best and it means so much to us 🙂

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Well, Kim, if you look at the few pics where I’m squatted down with Brie – looking through a glass – you will see my pregnant belly. It’s not the best – but its something. I’ll get a better one this weekend at Brie’s birthday party.


We went to the Audubon Zoo this past Saturday and had a great time. It was Brie’s first trip to the zoo 🙂 She loved the animals but wasn’t too keen on touching them.  I told you – she is 100% girl.

ps- yesterday was my 50th post…woo hoo!

Happy Wednesday

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wow. what a crazy few days it has been. never a dull moment around here 🙂 first off, i went to the doc yesterday…thinking it was a regular prego appt…and the doc informed me that he was “penciling me in” for a c-section on june 2nd. okay…so when he said it like that – it all of a sudden seemed REALLY close. crazy close. brad’s first reaction when i told him what the doc said? “um, i don’t know if i’m ready for 2 kids.” well that’s nice…since he doesn’t really have to be ready for about 8 more weeks.

in other dup news – my sweet husband sprained his ankle sunday and is now wearing a boot. guess he won’t be in the spacewalk with the kids this weekend at brie’s birthday party. no…his 7 month pregnant wife will. lovely. something about being pregnant and being in a spacewalk…sounds like some blackmail pictures in the making. u owe me, b.

and finally, my daughter colored her face with markers for the first time this afternoon. but in typical brie fashion, she didn’t just color randomly…she applied make-up with the markers. (using only red and putting it all over her lips) it was so cute i had to take this pic before i told her that we don’t color ourselves with markers. forgive the bluriness…2-year-olds are not still. ever.

ps- working on a prego pic for you, kim…and nursery pics for you, jen. the bumper pads for sage were a little too long so those pics might be a few more weeks.

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