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Happy Girl

Lots of people have asked me since Sage has been born how Brie is doing with the sister transition. Our family and friends have been great…in fact, most people that brought Sage a gift – brought Brie a gift too. How nice is that? It was like Christmas for her every time she came to visit us at the hospital. Well, this afternoon, for no particular reason (ok the sesame street outfit may have had a LITTLE to do with it), Brie walked up to me and said (for the first time ever), “Mommy, Brie is so happy.”

So there you have it.

She’s doing great 🙂

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First Days

The last 9 days have been amazing…as our family has welcomed sweet baby Sage into our world. She and all of us are doing great. Since things like this can’t really be put into words, here are some pics to share the experience. Huge thanks to Kristen and all our friends and family for all your help. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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Sage Pics

Well we are off to Woman’s Hospital tomorrow morning 🙂

Once she’s born, you can click here to see all the pics:


Be back soon!

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