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The Yellow Stool

There is a new, scary development at my house. It is called the yellow stool. Recently, it has dawned on my daughter that this innocent bathroom stool can actually leave the bathroom…opening up worlds of mischievous possibilities for her. There is a whole new look in her eye. She carries the thing around like she would carry around a baby doll. I’m sure she’ll want to take it to bed with her soon. We have found it in every corner of our house…including the laundry room. It was pushed against the washing machine. I’m guessing she was doing laundry.

Take a look at the little culprit in action.

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Just Pics

Here’s the latest of my crazy kiddies:

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The Swing of Things

Well 7 weeks have passed since the birth of Sage and I think our family is getting into the new “swing of things”. Not that I’ve gone back to work yet – or have slept more than 5 1/2 hours at a time, mind you – but we’re not quite as lunatic-ish as we were 7 weeks ago. Here are some things that have changed and some things that I have learned since we became a family of 4:

1. Do a little laundry everyday. Because never again (or it feels like never again) will you have a big block of time to do things that pile up. Like 10 loads of laundry.

2. Your firstborn gets away with a whole lot less once there are multiple children. In other words, when you say “come here right now” – you mean it more than you did before you had multiple kids.

3. Strive towards getting all the children to be sleeping at the same time. Some days – those naptimes and early bedtimes – are when we regain our sanity.

4. You can love your second child as much as your first.

5. It gives you great joy to watch your children interact together. There is nothing like it. You know when you watch them that you are watching the beginnings of a friendship that will last forever. You know that giving them each other was the best gift you could have ever given them.

6. You will need more help than you did with one child. It’s just the truth. You can’t help a toddler in the bathroom and be feeding a newborn at the same time. Especially since both of their needs (ok, all of their needs) are dire emergencies.

7. Playing music in the background of your day – specifically Trace Adkins “You’re gonna miss this”- helps tremendously when you are being spit up on for the 15th time that day.

*Although all of this is true, I mean it all in fun, of course. My girls are the greatest and I couldn’t love them more. They are both doing wonderful and I promise I’ll post some new pics soon. Until next time, thanks for reading.

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Well Sage is a month old tomorrow 🙂 I wish I had more to post…but I’ve just been doing the baby thing lately. I’m really enjoying my time with the girls and definitely will be sad to go back to work. On a more humorous note – Brad and I bought a double stroller yesterday. We both had to laugh at how grown-up (old) it made us feel. Till next time, here’s the latest:

ps: Sage has been smiling at us a few times each day. I haven’t caught a good picture of it yet…but I’m working on it.

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