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tonight as we were leaving church, we walked past a set of identical twin girls (dan‘s neices). they are adorable and have white-blonde hair to their waists. they are a few years older than brie.

when brie saw them, she froze.

i didn’t know why.

then she turned around, looked at me with wide eyes (and massive childlike innocence), and said in an awestruck whisper, “mommy, it’s a princess.”

let me just say…

it was one of the sweetest moments. ever.

i couldn’t have loved my “princess” more at that moment. and just like the twins took her breath away…she takes mine away…daily.

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Take it in

I’ve been thinking about something lately…I’m not sure if I can put it into words that make sense, but I’ll try. If your life is anything like mine, it is a ridiculously fast daily race, with about 1000 things on your to-do list. It truly is amazing the things we juggle and get done in a 24-hour period. Sometimes, though…I don’t know…its like you look up and a month has gone by…and all you have done is a ton of laundry, cooked a bunch of meals, and basically just run from one thing to the next.

I guess I’m just a “there’s-got-to-be-more-than-this” person. I totally don’t mean that as it pertains to being a wife and mom…just the daily grind of things in general. Anyway…one thing that helps me from just running and running is reading.

Whether its a good fiction book, my bible, the news, or the blogs of friends who are living 1000s of miles away – reading forces me to BE STILL AND LISTEN…which is something that i don’t do much of. And as a result of being still and listening, I usually come away not so consumed about my world and my lists. Plus – reading makes me grow. If I never take anything in…how will I ever grow? I want to grow and change…and be better in my 30s than I was in my 20s.

Anyway…a couple of things I have read/watched lately…

1. nataliespera.com. can’t say enough about how thankful i am to know natalie…and that she blogs 🙂

2. the democratic national convention. even if i don’t understand/agree with everything…i still feel like it makes me smarter just to watch it. and i like the feeling of watching history in the making.

3. c.s lewis’ thoughts on pride. thanks, carole turner, for posting this. i have read it and re-read it…and will keep re-reading it.

4. beautiful canvas. a new blog i found…about a mom with a terminally ill child. she has 2 girls. just like me. her raw words grip my soul.

5. the book of esther.

of course this isn’t all…but these are just some of my latest favorites.

so thankful i have others…and their stories…to help keep me living beyond myself and my world.

till next time –

ps – the girls are both great 🙂 we are currently preparing for the storm. praying for the best 🙂

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June Bugs

Cool pic of a few of my friends – and 4 of our precious angels (all born in June of this year). Becca with Maveric, Kandi with Cruise, me with Sage, and Jamie with Emerie. So thankful to have such great friends to share life with.

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9 hours

yep you read that right…9 hours. that happens to be the amount of hours sage slept last night – and we couldn’t be happier 🙂

well it was a really busy, emotional week. my first week back to work was harder than i expected…there were 3 girls going through the transition this time instead of 2. honestly, i think it was hardest on brie, which was EXTREMELY hard on me. i was terribly unproductive at work because all i could think about, of course, was my girls. to make matters worse, we ended up at the dentist with brie by the end of the week…turns out she has an ulcer in her mouth. can you say “rough week”? anyway…we are all good now. by friday, there were no tears (from brie or me).

this weekend was my sister’s baby shower. she looked beautiful as you can see from this pic. it was a great day with friends and family…can’t wait for their baby to be here. she’s gonna be an awesome mom.

then last night – brad and i went out for the first time since sage was born. it was so great. we went to hear brooke fraser in new orleans and she was amazing. i loved her already but i love her even more now.

oh…and a little side note: brad and i had to stop on the way home while an 8 foot alligator crossed airline hwy. totally creeped me out. he was huge.

today has been a great, lay-around-the-house, grocery/laundry/re-cup kind of day. i’m not worried at all about going back to work tomorrow. i think we’re on our way – now that we’ve got that first week behind us. till next time…

ps- i am absolutely loving the olympics. been a junkie for as long as i can remember.

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