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99 Balloons

Maybe you have heard of this video. I had not…until today. I’m watching it for the third time in 15 minutes. Life is such an amazing gift. People are amazing. God is so good. Watch this video if you get a minute…you won’t ever forget it. I know I never will.

I hope it reminds you of how much God loves you.

ps – if you want to follow this family, their blog is here.

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She’s so big

brad must be getting old or something…

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What Are You Saying

Not “what do you want to be saying” but “what are you saying”

At Live the Dream this weekend, which was absolutely amazing by the way, Chris Caine said something that resonated with me.

“Your life is saying something to somebody.”

Hmm…so like even in those moments…you know the ones I mean, my life is still saying something. I don’t know…I was just thinking. I guess sometimes we forget, or I forget, that we all influence the lives of people around us, good or bad. People are watching us- even when we don’t think they are watching.

So, thanks to this cool little program called wordle, I created this hip thingamajig that shows what I have been saying lately…on my blog that is.

If I would have created this with words I hoped to be saying…it would have looked a lot different.

But anyway, here is what I’ve actually been saying.

(you have to click on it. i couldn’t figure out how to get it off of miniature)

Some things that stood out to me right away:

1. The word ‘Puma’ is huge. What the heck?

2. Sage’s name is nowhere in there. What kinda mom am I? kidding…kidding…

3. Jesus is nowhere to be found. Def should work on that.

4. And otherwise, I just find it funny to see the words I use alot. Yep…that pretty much sounds like me.

ps – wonder what a wordle of my life, my heart would look like…

Go…create yours. It’s fun 🙂

Till next time-

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I have ideas for posts all the time…but the reality of those posts actually making it to the blog is often slim. Why? Because I AM TIRED. Happy…but tired 🙂 Having 2 very young children is no joke  – definitely not for the weak. For every tired, I-don’t-have-another-morsel-of-energy moment, though, there are 10 wonderful, I-wish-I-could-freeze-time-right-now moments. But still…it’s tiring.

So when I saw this quote today, I just wanted to pay tribute to all the amazing moms I know. Old friends, new friends, blog friends, school friends, church friends, work friends, sisters…I know some AMAZING moms.

And you are all, without a doubt, “changing more than diapers”. You are changing the lives of your little ones…and there is nothing more important, right? You are an inspiration to me and moms everywhere.

Check out these super-cool mom blogs when you have a sec:

Carole Turner

Heather Whittaker

Cindy Beall

Lana/Beautiful Canvas

Jennifer Maggio

Meghan Matt

Glenda Ratcliff

You wouldn’t believe some of their stories…

Moms rock.

Till next time-

Thanks for reading.

Psalm 91:1 “Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.”

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She’s 2 1/2 years old today and I’m feeling kind of emotional. Seriously…sometimes when I hang out with her, I just want to say, “Did I miss something…When did you learn that…How did you get so smart so fast?” Tonight Brad and I were watching Planet Earth and she walked in the room and said, “Look, Daddy!! A Puma!!” I looked at Brad and said, “Did she just say ‘Puma’?”

You have got to be kidding me. Puma? I think I first heard the word Puma when I was like ten.

And she said it so matter-of-factly.

Oh how the time passes so fast.

She is my princess. So smart, so beautiful, so delicate, so innocent. God, Help me be the best mom…the mom that these girls need.

I think I’m gonna go wake her up and hold her for a few more minutes…while I still have the chance.

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Rice Cereal

I get it, I get it, I get it. You rather me post about the babies than be all sappy/preachy/emotional. I’m not offended. The girls are doing great. We started feeding Sage solid foods this weekend…just rice cereal so far. As you know if you’ve done this, more of it was on her than in her mouth…but that’s just part of the fun 🙂

Brie is totally into baby dolls –

This is the kind of stuff I find around every corner. There are babies in every room of our house…sleeping, eating, bathing, using the potty, sitting in time-out, etc. You name it. So I have to tiptoe around my house so I don’t wake a baby doll or, heaven forbid, sit on one. If I walk into a room and flip the light on, Brie frequently screeches, “don’t wake up my baby!!” And I thought I only had 2 children to worry about it…

Till next time-

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I can be rather clingy. I try to contain it cause people don’t really like to be ‘clinged-to’ but deep inside…I am a pretty clingy girl. I guess there are lots of reasons I can be this way…but that’s beside the point.

Anyway…I was reading this this morning and it was like a warm hug,

“so I created Judah and Israel to cling to me, says the Lord. They were to be my people, my pride, my glory—an honor to my name.” Jer 13:11

I like to insert my name in the place of ‘Judah and Israel’.

I’m glad He is ok with my clinginess.

He even desires it…and He knows how clingy I can be…

What would I do without Him?

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