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Where’s Sage?

december2008-0121Not in her tunnel…

december2008-0132Not on her playmat…

december2008-015Of course!! By the electrical cords…

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Besides the fact that not all my family was here for Christmas this year, this seriously was the best Christmas I can ever remember. 3 gatherings in under 24 hours, more presents than can fit in my house, awesome fellowship with family and friends, and enough chocolate to last a year. My cup runneth over…


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Merry Christmas 2008

It is finally here…the day children and adults anticipate all year long.

I can only think of one thing…

It Is All About Him

He was born to die. He came so we could live. He came…so He could spend eterntity with us.

This year, I’m particularly drawn to those thoughts. It is all about Him. I just love the idea that no matter how many things are on your plate, how many bills are in your mailbox, how many bad reports you might receive…everything is made right when we just keep our eyes on Him. Pursue Him…and He will take care of the rest. I can do that. I can do one thing and let Him take care of everything else.

Merry Christmas, friends and family. Wishing you joy, peace, and lots of love today and everyday.

Love, Nicole, Brad, Brie, and Sage


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Mother Letter

Tonight I wrote a letter for the Mother Letter project. I thought I’d share it with you…mainly so you could participate in the project if you want. The Mother Letter project comes from a family who is donating their entire Christmas budget to a village in Africa. The only gifts they are actually exchanging are handmade (free) gifts. The Mother Letters are a compilation of letters from moms to moms…and is the gift that the husband of this family is giving to his wife. What an awesome idea, huh?

Anyway…here is my letter.

And if you want to contribute, just click here. He will email you all the letters he receives…which is already over 500.

Dear Mother,

Wow…where to start…
My girls are 2 1/2 and 6 months. I tucked them both in about 30
minutes ago and so far – not a peep from their room. I’m thinking of
chancing it and going to sit in my bathroom for a nice long bath.
Mothering is the most awesome job in the entire world. It is so
gut-wrenching…nothing feels as deep as the love you have for your
children. I remember when Brie was about 2-3 days old and I couldn’t
help but think…”a part of my heart has been ripped out and is now
living in her…”
I find that mothering is forcing me to live beyond my walls. I can be
a wounded…don’t-let-anyone-in kind of person. But one look into the
eyes of my girls…and my heart changes. The walls come down. They are
saving me. I have to be my best for them. I have to be the best mom I
can…because I want them to be all the God has intended them to be. I
would die for that cause.
I don’t know if it will always be this way…but right now, my stage
of mothering is very demanding, very consuming. Some days I just want
a break – some days I don’t feel like I have it in me to keep on
keeping on.
But I can’t quit. These are my girls and these moments are priceless
and very limited.
This time when they are so little is just for a season…tiring as it
can be…it will be over before I probably think it will.
Plus – I look at it this way…
if there is only one thing I want to get right in my life –
it’s that I want to be a great mom.
OK…maybe its a few things…a great servant, a great wife, and a great mom.
Everything else can wait.
I just want to get those right.
Blessings to you.
Hug those babies one more time –
and tell them you love them.
No one can replace you in their lives.

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these pics/video were taken at our house!!


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Brie’s artwork yesterday:

december2008-016Brie’s artwork today:

december2008-012Happy Snow Day, Baton Rouge 🙂

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She walks alone

She walks alone…carrying 2 bags which appear to be heavy as I drive by in my heated car. It’s 48 degrees outside…cold, rainy, and gross.  Her gait in unsteady and I assume she is about 20 years my senior.

I hesitate as I drive by…”should I offer to help her?” Thoughts of my safety fleet through my mind – but she appears harmless and the kids aren’t with me. Plus I can’t help but think of how often the Word refers to the “poor, orphaned, widowed, and oppressed.” She may be all of these…

I can’t take my eyes off of her in my rear view mirror.

I put my blinker on. I’m turning around. Who cares if I’m late for work…this woman is walking in the freezing cold carrying heavy bags.

I make a U-turn and watch her as I pass by. She is heading for the McDonalds.

I pull in the parking lot, get out my car, and follow her inside.

She sits…in a booth by herself…reading one of the free magazines.

I approach her and say something like this, “I saw you walking…it’s freezing outside…would you like me to give you a ride somewhere?”

She smiles sweetly and replies, “No thanks. I’m fine. I’m waiting for the bus to pass by.”

We stare at each other for another second as our worlds briefly collide.

Could we be any more different?

Then we nod and I walk away…

to my overpriced car…with my $4 hot chocolate waiting for me inside.

I have no idea why I am living this life and she is living that life…

but I am incredibly thankful and kind of speechless from the way she impacted me today…

Oh Father…use me…empty me…pour me out…

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Well the little turkey is sitting up now…and scooching around the floor too. You know how it is…they get a new skill and then in like 2 days – they have it mastered. So sweet. Christmas will be fun…I’m thinking she may ingest quite a bit of wrapping paper and bows if we aren’t watching closely.

God has been so good to us. Really…so good. He has filled my cup to overflowing and I will worship Him forever.

I have been thinking a little about 2009…and goals and stuff. This is totally unlike me because I am such a rule-follower that when I set goals they kind of imprison me if you know what I mean. I get so hung up on meeting the goal that I am not flexible should God direct me in a different way. Anyway…maybe I am growing up a bit as I have been thinking and talking with Him about next year.

So…here are some of the goals I’m thinking about. They all have reasons behind them but I know you have more to do than read my blog 🙂

1. Not watch any television series in its entirety.

2. Read at least 6 books.

3. Go on at least 12 dates with my husband.

What about you? Are you a new-year-goal-setter? Have any goals yet?

ps – thanks hubs for introducing me to Kari Jobe. Her music is incredible…I cannot stop listening…

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Laughing Girls

Well lots has been going on that I keep meaning to post…but you know how that is…

We’ve welcomed a new neice, celebrated Thanksgiving, decorated for Christmas…not to mention the daily funny things that seem to happen all around us.

The other day, Brie introduced herself to Sage like this, “I’m Brie. The princess.” 2 year olds really are hilarious.

But since I only have a sec – here’s a little video of the girls. It was the very first time we caught them laughing together. Sage was cracking up and Brie was laughing and couldn’t believe that her sister was interacting with her. It was priceless. The best moments were before we got out the camera – but at least we were able to catch some of it 🙂

Till next time –

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