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She’s a Tagger

mailgooglecom1My child loves tags.

She will find the tag on any blanket, toy, or pillow and hold it, rub it, and ultimately…chew on it.

Funny thing is – I have this blanket made for kids who love tags –

it has about 20 tags on it.

Sage, surprisingly, could care less about that blanket.

I guess she prefers the challenge and victory of finding the one tag.

Love that girl 🙂

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Lots going on …


in this crazy, nearly-three-year-old’s world this week.

On Tuesday she went to the dentist…which was only her 2nd trip ever.

Her first trip she didn’t allow the dentist, hygeneist, or anyone to actually touch her mouth.

She was fine to keep it wide open so they could do a “visual checkup” –


Tuesday, though, she was a champ!

She let them brush, floss, squirt water, suction water, apply flouride,

and even press that sharp, pokey thing in her mouth!!!

What a change in 6 months!!

Could have helped a little that daddy took her this time…she turns on the drama a little more for her mama 🙂

Then later that same day –

my cousin asked if Brie could be her flower girl in her wedding later this year.

I am so excited!!

Not every little girl gets that opportunity and I’m just so thankful that she does!

So – wow –

She might be having her best week ever 🙂

ps: Yes, this picture was taken on the potty. Where else do you think I might find her BEING STILL???


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I have gotten so behind in posting. It actually is something I love – but somehow, in the business of day-to-day life…I put it off, then I put it off, and well, it goes something like this:

1. Go 5 days without blogging (when I’ve decided in my mind to post every 3 days).

2. Feel overwhelmed by it and go 5 more days.

3. Feel even more overwhelmed and avoid thinking about blogging all together.

What in the world is the matter with me!?!?

This is supposed to be fun –

not about the rules.

I’m just a rule-follower by nature. And I tend to make my own rules (see #1) even when they’re aren’t any…

Being a goal-setter does have its disadavantages.

Anyway –

I’m back.

Looking forward to sharing life with you from our corner of the planet.

I’m hope you’re still there…

(and that someone – at least one of you – can relate to my crazy mind games)

Oh, it feels SO GOOD TO BE BLOGGING!!!

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february2009-008Wow! I can’t believe you will be 3 in one month!

You are quickly leaving behind your baby years and becoming such a little girl.

You are so much fun 🙂 And quite the character…

A few days ago, Daddy bought you some pink super-girl pajamas with a cape on them so you have been “Super Brie” lately.

Last night, you put your grapes in your glass of milk –

and when it was time to put away your toys, you magically turned into a puppy and crawled on all fours while you cleaned up (carrying the toys in your mouth of course).

You even licked me on the face (which totally caught me off guard 🙂

Tonight – when daddy got close to give you a little “warning” – you told him,

“I have a veeery bad feeling about this.”

He and I could not contain our laugher!

Oh I love you so, so, so much.

You are our princess now and forever.

You bring so much joy and I thank God over and over for the gift of you.

I can’t imagine my life without you in it –

watching you grow is one of the greatest joys of my life.

Your sweetness and innocence and laughter light my days.

I love you forever (and ever and ever)-


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sage-63I can hardly believe you are already 9 months.

That sounds really close to your first birthday…

Today, daddy ordered your big-girl carseat 🙂

Just another sign that you are getting so big!

We had your 9-month well visit at the doctor today.

Everyone loved you of course 🙂

You are 17 pounds and in the 10-25% for weight and the 50% for height…

still pretty small…but we like you that way.

Your daddy and I have lots of names for you:

Sage-a-Roo, Sagey Girl, Sage-A-Roni, and the most popular…

Sagey-Pants, or more commonly,


You are doing all kinds of new things this month…

like saying “Da-Da” all the time, for example.

You keep trying to say “Brie” – but no sign of “Mama” yet 😦

That’s ok, I know it’s coming 🙂

You are standing up all the time –

and not just standing while you hold on to something…

you are totally free standing – while holding on to nothing!

I’m thinking those first steps will be here before we know it.

Just today you climbed up on your pink chair all by yourself!!

You clap all the time and are trying to figure out how to wave bye-bye 🙂

Oh and you are giving lots of open-mouth kisses 🙂

You laugh all the time.

You bring tons of joy and sweetness to our home and we are forever grateful for the gift of you.

You make my heart smile.

I can’t wait till morning when I can hold you some more 🙂

I love you-


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