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photoBrie and a couple of her best buds, Sierra and Hyland, enjoying some cupcakes with red icing.

There were cupcakes with WHITE icing –

of course, none of the toddlers chose those 🙂

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When will I learn?

May2009 018


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Get you everytime

Moms day cards are guaranteed to bring tears.

Check out the one Brie brought home from school today:

May2009 006May2009 007May2009 009

I love how she said I’m “low” tall…smart girl.

Oh and about the “jelly”…she eats a peanut butter sandwich everyday. Maybe this is her way of telling me she would like jelly on the sandwich too 🙂

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In His Arms

may2009-003About 9 pm tonight, while Brad and I were watching The Biggest Loser,

Brie ran out of her room frantically crying.

She had been sleeping for about an hour.

I’m not sure exactly what was bothering her but it was pretty obvious that she was scared.

We picked her up and held her for awhile.

She was in that awake but still sleeping phase.

After a few minutes, Brad laid her on the sofa next to him and just held her as she slept.

As I was looking at the two of them –

I was just thinking that I wish whatever she was feeling on the inside

could see how safe she actually was.

That she could somehow wake up out of her situation and see that everything was totally fine.

There was nothing to be afraid of or worry about…

she was completely secure in her daddy’s arms.

And then I knew it.

I knew He was speaking to me.

That no matter how I feel –

or how much I mess up –

or how many troubles come my way –

I am completely safe in His arms.

And just like Brad looked so big and strong with Brie in his arms –

God is so big with me in His arms.


Thank you, Dad.

I can feel myself exhaling…

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Dear Sage (11 months)

april2009-030Wow! You are 11 months!

The time is passing so fast…it doesn’t seem like its been nearly a year since you joined our family.

This has been a big month for you –

your first Easter, your sister’s birthday party, and

you had eye surgery!

It was our first ever experience with surgery and you did awesome.

Your eyes look so great.

You are doing lots of new things –

you say a new word just about everyday.

So far, you have said:

mama, dada, brie, bye-bye, uh-oh, thank you, good girl, no-no, tina…

and maybe a couple more 🙂

you are so sweet!!

you are reeeeeally close to walking –

for now you still like to keep your hand – or finger – on something just for that added assurance.

oh – and this is hilarious –

whenever you do something that you’re not supposed to –

and i tell you, “no”

you shake your head “no” at me in return.

it is the funniest thing.

i am so much enjoying watching you grow.

it’s a gift and a joy and an honor to be your mommy.

I love you forever and ever.


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