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She’s 1: part 1

Look how cute she looks coloring…

Notice the wall behind her…

And this is her giving me her dad’s you-see-what-had-happened-was face:

Clearly, it’s the crayon’s fault.

Concept adopted from Heather Whittaker’s blog 🙂

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Christmas Cards

I love, love, love Christmas cards.

Apparently so does Sage.

That would be the Tullos family that she’s standing on tiptoe to kiss.

They just so happen to have 2 adorable sons…

Ok, so maybe its not just the cards that she loves.

It’s the actual people in the cards.

I agree Sage 🙂

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Decorating the Tree…

Our Christmas tree has more than its share of our ornaments near its bottom branches…

Several branches have more than one ornament on them.

Brad and I were gonna “fix” it.

But then we decided it was fixed 🙂

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Wisdom vs. Bubble Gum

Last night at bedtime we read the Bible story about when Solomon asked God for wisdom…

Which led to a discussion that went something like this:

me: “Brie, if God asked you what you wanted most out of everything in the world, what would you ask Him for? Solomon asked that God would make him really smart.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, Brie replied:

“I’d ask Him for bubble gum.”

Of course she would.

The current bubble gum rule in the Dup house states:

“No bubble gum til age 4.”

Brie is 3 1/2.

I guess what you want/need most all depends on your current situation 🙂

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