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Hmm… I have a son :)

Where to begin? Well I haven’t blogged in over 4 years and sort of feel like I don’t even know how to anymore. That happens, you know? You stop doing something and then you think you’ve forgotten how. But you haven’t really… It’s in there somewhere. I won’t even begin to try to recap the last 4 years… I mean, come on, sometimes a lot happens in 24 hours.

I’ll just start by saying I have a son 😊 Not a 6-pounder that wakes up every 3 hours (or more – who are we kidding?!) No, he used to be that but now he’s a handsome 4.5 year old that has the very fibers of my being wrapped around his little pinkies. (As do my girls, of course)

So while there have been a host of things that have happened over the past 4+ years… Highs and lows, big and small… He is the most significant. Perhaps he’s the reason I stopped blogging to begin with. Maybe I just couldn’t do it with 3 babies (and keep them all alive). PLUS I was ALWAYS posting on social media… I didn’t have anything else to post on my blog 🙂

Well… I’ve decided to step away from IG, FB, Twitter (in effort to create some heart and soul room) and so I will be using my blog for my creative writing outlet, for shameless bragging on my littles, & for posting everyday moments that take my breath away – from friends to books to marriage to mommy hood to those times God brings me to my knees while He’s teaching me something new. 

Thanks for stopping by. I so appreciate your time, your comments, your friendship. 

In closing, let me introduce myself:

Hi! I’m Nicole. I love Jesus passionately and this is my online journal so to speak. I’ve been married to my best friend for 16 years. We have 2 amazing daughters and you guessed it… “We have a son.”

Come back soon. I promise I will.  

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