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Still standing… Or swimming :)

Well I guess you can say that I’ve been a teacher for about a week and a half now. It is still very much surreal. Life can be so surreal.

That being said, I’m still standing πŸ™‚ It is like swimming against the (STRONG) current to learn something new… But I’m so glad I am. These kids have no idea how much they are growing me just by being my students. 

In the back of my room I have a board that I call my “Be Board”. I am not crafty… In fact, if you look up the opposite to crafty – that would be me 😊 Since the first time I put a big bow on Brie’s newborn head, people have been asking me: “did you make that?!” To which (sadly) I’ve always had to respond with a resounding “no”. But I can usually tell you where I bought it πŸ™‚ God bless all you crafty souls out there who make cool stuff for us un-crafties.

Back to my Be Board… 

Since I can’t make a bulletin board – and I wanted this to be student-inspired anyway, I simply put the word “BE” in the middle of this small bulletin board and let my students come up with the rest of the words. 

I love the way it turned out. I love their hearts.

So I’ve survived the start of school, spiritual emphasis week, meet the teacher, & back-to-school night (some of those as a mom, some as a teacher, some both).

AND I managed to steal a quick date with my favorite 3 today:

My heart is thankful, overwhelmed, exhausted… And thankful again ❀️


God is good. Life is good. I need a pillow 😊

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Showtime: Take 3: Aladdin

My little peanut is just having the time of her life in theatre. First there was Scrooge; then there was Oklahoma; next, Aladdin. I wish you could hear and see these kids’ talent – they are nothing short of amazing. And the really cool part is that they’re amazing on stage and off… Inside and out. Here are a few of my favorite pics from the past few weekends:  

My favorite pic is the cast praying together before they take the stage. Really… Who could ask for anything more?

#thankful #making memories 

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Dental Drama

Sometimes your baby teeth don’t fall out on their own like their supposed to. And when that happens, you will find your cute little self in one of these chairs… Waiting on your name to be called.  
And then they will call your name. And you will spend a looooong… Way-more-than-your-time-slot amount of time with a wonderful woman like this. Wonderful and patient. Oh so patient 😊 

And after much weeping and thrashing and gnashing of teeth, you will leave with a little prize!

And although your mom’s nerves will be completely obliterated for HOURS, you will soon be smiling and bouncing and looking oh so cute πŸ’— & with a brand new smile πŸ˜ƒ

Happy 1st two teeth lost, Sage! Maybe next time, we can get those out on our own, sweet pea  πŸ’—πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜

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Even when I am alone, He is with me.

Just quietly escaped to my room for a few minutes of solitude… 

But lo,

He will never leave me nor forsake me 😊


God. bless. him. 

I couldn’t love him more.



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I left the boat.

Earlier this year I typed something about “leaving the boat”. That it struck me that God’s first words to Noah when the flood had subsided were to leave the boat. To leave the thing that had sustained him because… THERE WAS SOMETHING ELSE OUT THERE. I could camp out on that idea of how we hold on to things that it’s time to let go of. I know I do it. I don’t like change. I like my feet on solid ground. And letting go comes hard to me.


I have left the boat. In fact, I feel like I’ve jumped in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with no life vest. And there’s a cat-5 hurricane or whatever they get out here on the west coast. 

After 14 years of working in nursing homes as a dietitian, I’m turning this whole gig around and becoming a school teacher. And my first day is tomorrow. And I just threw up a little bit.

I don’t know a thing about being a teacher. I don’t speak teacher-ese. 

But I love kids. And I have a momma’s heart (that goes beyond the ones who share my last name). And from the bottom of my soul, I. love. to. teach. That’s something that’s been true since God awakened that gift in me when I was probably 17.

And so I don’t know how to make a bulletin board (help me, Jesus) or record attendance the right way or what the heck a rubric is…

But I love and believe in people. I love to shine a light for them. I love to know their stories.

Tonight I sat on my patio alone watching the sun set on one season of my life and praying that I would be led by Jesus alone as I enter uncharted territory.

You know, to be honest, at most – I hope this is life changing in all the right ways. I hope fears are conquered; joy is released; grace and growth and faith and love abound. But at least – if nothing else – I hope I inspire my 3 littles that it’s never to late to pursue a dream.

It is unbelievably scary to this perfectionist-planner but I personally think it’s scarier to stay in the boat. What is life without some dreams, some risk, some adventure? Aren’t the greatest views at the highest heights?

I think I’ll listen to “Oceans” on repeat for the next 3 months… In fact, I think this season deserves its own playlist.

Here’s to life. And Jesus. The author and perfecter of our lives and our steps. 

More to come as this journey unfolds… 

Your prayers and encouragement are so appreciated and coveted. 

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Family Nights & BaseballΒ 

One little cutie is bringing home not one but TWO balls handed to him tonight by the O’s!! Being cute & wearing the right colors definitely come in handy πŸ˜‰ #goOs #angelsstadium

PS – His dad was way super excited and is guarding those baseballs on the same level he is guarding the children.

PPS – Baseball games immediately make my children famished to the point of desperation (and weeping and thrashing) for all foods sold at the game. All. The. Foods.  


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