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I remember middle school… Very clearly. 

And from what I remember – it’s easier to sit where I’m sitting now than it was to sit in those desks. And I don’t mean that the desks were uncomfortable. I mean the whole thing was uncomfortable. Here are some things I’ve learned / am learning as I attempt to be a leader amongst these precious kiddos we call middle schoolers:

1. Teacher doesn’t always mean academics. It also means counselor.

2. “Middle” can have such negative connotations: stuck in the middle, in the middle of nowhere, middle children…

Well it doesn’t have to be negative. There can be magic in the middle (think Oreos 😊) !!! These kids are transforming and it’s an amazing thing to have a front row seat to. I love my middle schoolers (and my middle child 💗)

3. Things aren’t always / usually / regularly going to go as planned 😊 Keep breathing.

4. Sometimes your students are going to ask you things that you don’t know the answers to. Don’t run out the room.

5. Not everyone is going to like you. Listen, take advice, but hold on to your confidence. See Hebrews 10:35

6. Teacher doesn’t always mean academics…it also means disciplinarian. It’s not easy (for me) but you have to draw the line and hold it. They’re counting on you to.

7. Slim down those lesson plans… You’re not going to get all that done. Leave some MARGIN. You’ve got to get 20-25 people across the line together. It’s gonna take a little longer than you think.

8. Stop & take it all in. Smile. And try not to stress. 

9. Some kids may be smarter than you on certain topics. It’s ok. You have more life experience than they do.

10. Don’t put all your eggs in the technology basket. Always have a back-up plan 😉

11. Keep your eyes and ears wide open. Trust your intuition. From the social game to academics and everything in between – there’s a lot going on in a middle schooler’s life. Pay attention. 

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Miracle Baby

Chemo round 4 of 6 for this miracle baby! Man how I wish I could reach through the phone and hug them all. Love you so so much, Becnels! Our hearts are with you EVERYDAY!!! #family #pray #healedandwhole #adventureswithcharlotte

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Presto Pesto!

It’s my blog, I can post what I want to… Post what I want to… 🎵

(Well, ok, within reason)

(And if you don’t want to read it, no hurt feelings here)

So sometimes it’s teaching or mommy hood or Brad or reading or friends or missing friends or Jesus… Or WHATEVER… 

But tonight it’s food 😉 

In my past life, exactly 28 days ago actually, I was a dietitian for about 11 years. I care about nutrition. I also care about yummy food. 

In the middle of the school week, amidst the 100,000 things that go on in my house (from feeding the baby betta fish to making sure there is milk in the fridge) on a school night, things can get a little reckless around here. 

I literally pulled homework out of my dog’s mouth 2 nights ago. Sorry, Mrs. Curtis.

But still – in the middle of our lovely zoo – I care about what my littles eat. But it’s gotta be something that can be made FAST. We’re talking 20 minutes prep here – max. Or else we might forget to study for the vocabulary test. Or somebody might not get bathed 😳

So tonight was chicken pesto pasta and it is so easy it’s embarrassing but it made me happy so I’m writing about it. My kids had a hot meal (and happy faces) in no time and my mom heart felt a bit more settled when I tucked them in.

And now they’re all asleep.

And Bill and Ted are on tv.


Praise Him from whom all blessings flow ❤️😘

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Because Ballet…

I just can’t put my camera away during dance class. It’s too beautiful 💗

My hardworking ballerina tonight 💗 

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